Saturday, November 29, 2014

Back into the big chill...

Hey guys, hope you all had a warm and happy Thanksgiving...the weather was certainly lovely...until the next day...since then...temps. have gone back into the dumps, and here on Whidbey we are at 19 degrees, and going down...
However, there is much to be thankful for still.  Our roses are tough plants and most of them could care less if it gets a little cold, got to love that with the warm/cold cycles are are seeing this year.  And, there are our memories of bloom times past...with lovely roses decorating the inside of our houses in lots of ways...once of which is my favorite...rose painted china...and wow I have to tell you what happened on Thanksgiving this year.  One of our guests came in carrying a bowl with a potted plant in it...well, you say, lots of folks carry bowls around on Thanksgiving day...and you are right...but after she took the plant out of the bowl...this is what I saw....and I am still overwhelmed
a 10.5 inch late Victorian 1900 German porcelain I blessed or what?
Hope she brightens your day as she is doing mine
thinking thoughts of Claire

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